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Riddle Farm

Glen Riddle Farm was a large horse farm in Berlin, Maryland. Located on what today is Route 50 between Ocean City and Berlin, it was owned by a wealthy textile businessman Samuel D. Riddle who named it for his hometown Glen Riddle, Pennsylvania which in turn had been named for his grandfather.

The farm was home to Hall of Fame racehorses Man o' War, U.S. Triple Crown winner War Admiral, and Crusader.

Samuel D. Riddle raced horses until his death in 1951 after which his heirs took over the property. A fire in 1969 destroyed the mansion and the farm was soon abandoned, left in disrepair for more than thirty years until real estate developers acquired it and built a residential housing complex in 2004.

Glen Riddle Farm's horses won numerous important stakes races including prestigious U.S. Triple Crown races.

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