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Eastern Shore Scenics 


The Eastern Shore of Maryland the part of Maryland that divided from the rest of the state by the Chesapeake Bay. The culture and heritage of this area are unique, in part because of its separation from the mainland by the Bay. Ocean City is found in Worcester County,  Maryland's only county with coast along the Atlantic Ocean.


The term "Eastern Shore" distinguishes a territorial part of the state of Maryland from the "Western Shore" of Maryland, land west of the Chesapeake Bay. The Eastern Shore is part of the larger Delmarva Peninsula that Maryland shares with Delaware and Virginia.

Developed in the colonial and federal period for agriculture, the Eastern Shore has remained a relatively rural region. The economy is dominated by three sectors: fishing along the coasts, especially for blue crab and oysters; farming, and tourism. 


Patrick Henry is a true Eastern Shore native and has been interpreting its beauty for decades.  These paintings allow the viewer to experience the natural and cultural beauty of this unique area through an artist's eyes. 

Please click the image below to see the enlarged version of the artwork.

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