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Another View

Another View: Untold Stories began with inspiration from vintage photographs that came under my guardianship since 1998. My wife Velda’s Aunt Maude passed in 1998 and Velda rescued Aunt Maude’s photo collection from being thrown out.  The people in the photographs were her relatives, or friends of her relatives. As years passed I’ve had so many others share their vintage photo collections for me to record. Collectively, the images reveal a story that writers of history could normally  pass by. I came to view these people as the hub of our society and their eyes reveal the strength and resolve necessary to endure the hardships of the times. In telling  the story of the people portrayed, the viewer begins to enter the personal lives and experiences of the people I was lead to paint on canvas . I hope that the story that I am telling in this manner will lead to an engagement  that moves one forward to deeper understanding and peace with their fellow man.

Please click the image below to see the enlarged version of the artwork.

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