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Patrick Henry Art Galleries by Series

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backyard jammin.png

Things, Places, People Series

This is a transitional series representing the artist's growth from the Eastern Shore scenics of his early years to paintings that act as portraits, whether they are of people, places, or things. These portraits speak of the transition of the Eastern Shore culture with both the patina of loss and the glow of the possible future.

Steal Away2.jpg

Cultural and Heritage

These important and transitional paintings lead to the series Another View. Painted over the course of decades, they represent the strength of the people of the Eastern Shore.

After The Storm.jpg

Eastern Shore Scenics

The Eastern Shore of Maryland the part of Maryland that divided from the rest of the state by the Chesapeake Bay. The culture and heritage of this area are unique, in part because of its separation from the mainland by the Bay. Ocean City is found in Worcester County,  Maryland's only county with coast along the Atlantic Ocean.

Patrick Henry is a true Eastern Shore native and has been interpreting its beauty for decades.  These paintings allow the viewer to experience the natural and cultural beauty of this unique area through an artist's eyes. 

Easter Morning 20x16 2020.JPG

Riddle Farm

Glen Riddle Farm was a large horse farm in Berlin, Maryland. Located on what today is Route 50 between Ocean City and Berlin, it was owned by a wealthy textile businessman Samuel D. Riddle. Glen Riddle Farm's horses won numerous important stakes races including prestigious U.S. Triple Crown races. It was replaced with a residential housing complex in 2004.

Lone Rider.jpg

Trimpers Amusement Series

Trimper's Rides is a historic amusement park located near the inlet at South First Street and the boardwalk in Ocean City, MarylandUnited States. It was founded in 1893 as The Windsor Resort. It is located at the south end of the boardwalk, where it consists of a year-round indoor facility.

In 1912 Daniel Trimper purchased a massive carousel from the Herschell-Spillman Company in North Tonawanda, NY.  The carousel's forty-five animals, three chariots and one rocking chair were driven by a steam engine; rides originally cost just a nickel. One-hundred years later, the ride is one of the oldest still operating carousels in the nation. 

Over the years the Trimpers added numerous rides.

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